Do you want to chat?

I am always excited to talk to students and practitioners on Behavioural Economics and its applications. I also enjoy talking about my research in seminar settings. 

Please, send me an email to meet or to organise a virtual call.

My office is at:

El Colegio de México

Carretera Picacho Ajusco 20, Col. Ampliación Fuentes del Pedregal.

14110, Mexico City, Mexico.

Centro de Estudios Económicos.

Cubicle 4570

Do you want to work together?

My career goal is to create social value using Behavioural Science to understand and solve problems affecting people's lives, particularly those in most need of help.

I would be happy to collaborate on consultancy projects leading to that end. 

I have experience working with complex data sets from field experiments and surveys. I enjoy collaborating with international and multidisciplinary teams at all parts of the process of applied research. I am quality-oriented and always willing to learn.